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Before we shipped our first product in 1983,

Andpak Midwest adopted a concept: To be

an Adhesive Specialist that embodied the word...Integrity.  This principle of fairness

and honesty forms the foundation of Andpak

From the time your needs are assessed by

our knowledgeable Adhesive Specialists;

processed by our skilled personnel; checked

by our Quality Assurance staff; and shipped

to your facility, the principle of integrity is

present. Integrity is our badge of distinction



Our staff is dedicated to fulfilling your requirements for quality adhesives, sealants, and coatings. We offer customized and private label packaging of single and multi-component products. For over twenty-five years we have partnered with customers worldwide, to provide cost effective packaging of single and dual cartridges, syringes, SEMKITS, plastic and metal collapsible squeeze tubes, bottles, cans, jars and a variety of other containers.   It would be our pleasure to partner with you to ensure you receive the highest customer service, quality materials and packaging your application requires.

Our first priority is to support our customers with the best quality and service available in our industry. It is our trained staff's responsibility to offer technical assistance and provide on-time delivery of high quality products and custom packaging, in order to strengthen the productivity of our customers.  We can provide you with products such as industrial specialty adhesives, sealants, encapsulating epoxies and casting resins.   Whatever your project, our knowledgeable adhesive, sealant and coating specialists can assist you in finding the optimum product for your application, and we can package it in the method that meets your requirements. Whether you wish us to package your product, or one recommended by us, we will be glad to assist you.   It would be our pleasure to provide you with a custom sample for your specific application.

Professionalism and excellence in quality have earned Andpak Midwest a solid reputation in the adhesive and packaging industry.  The principles of integrity, fairness and honesty form the foundation of Andpak Midwest, and we respect the confidentiality of the information our customers and manufacturers share with us.  Our friendly customer service and highly skilled quality oriented staff are trained to give full attention to providing you with an immaculate package that meets the exact specifications your application requires.

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